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Brand Category: Irish Single Malt Whiskeys and Irish Whiskey Brands

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  • Hyde Whiskey from Rugged County Cork, in Ireland, provides the perfect maturing conditions for our award winning Irish whiskey.

    Originally distilled in a traditional copper pot still, HYDE whiskey is double matured. Firstly in flame charred, first fill, oak bourbon casks, and then ‘finished’ in vintage Oloroso Sherry casks or dark Caribbean Rum casks.

    HYDE is Handcrafted in very small limited edition batches and non-chill filtered for a more original character.

    HYDE is a presidential quality whiskey, celebrating the inaugural appointment of Ireland’s very first president Douglas Hyde and the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922.

    A 100% malted Irish barley whiskey from a single distillery – HYDE Single Malt is a true taste of IRELAND.

    Douglas Hyde was the 1st President of Ireland from 1938-1945. He was sworn into office on 26th June 1938, which was the very 1st presidential ceremony in Ireland’s long & rich history. Hyde No.1, Presidents Choice Whiskey, pays homage to the first leader of our Free State. Hyde Irish whiskey was created to deliver complex Presidential flavour notes that are a celebration of Ireland’s unique history, heritage and provenance.

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